About Patek Philippe-Things You Should Know

Now, we are going to talk about some special details about Patek Philippe watches-both amazing and intriguing. Do not miss it.

1: Patek Philippe Series
Generally, consumers know those watches from their main watches or top watches, as many categorize their watches according to their functions and attributes. Watches in the same category are almost same, only some slight difference are there, such as material of watches, or color. Patek Philippe divides it watches into Aquanaut, Calatrava, Golden Ellipse, Gondolo, Nautilus, Twenty-4, complication watches, super complication watches. Among them, Calatrava covers most Patek Philippe watches, and some of them many overlap in its functions.

2: Calatrava
Calatrava, to put it simply, is the cross which symbolled the Spanish Calvary, and later it is used as Patek Philippe logo. Since 1932, Patek Philippe has been used CAlatrava to name its round watches, and thus become the major branch. In Patek Philippe rotor, buckle, and case back, you will see the case Calatrava, the word that are branded on it, which later symbols Patek Philippe.

3: Sale Document
Patek Philippe, even though this is company running by the family, has strictest manage which is mapped out in its unique sale documents which is the base of some policies that we are about to talk about. Sale documents is the file that are created for every piece of watch, so it can be found or recognized by the repair stores, when the bearers return it back for repairing years after. This system seems to be easy when we talk about it but comes tougher when doing it, as the whole process may get hundreds of retail stores and merchants.

Patek Philippe favored elegant sports and could bear passionate or extreme sports, so its movement is a 28-520 movement which is stable in performance, unique in design and precise.

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