Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier

Cartier launched a new high-end jewelry watches series, which followed Cartier consistent extraordinary excellence, wonderful artical excelling nature and fine peerless technology to deduce the mystery and the fashionable breath of bright. Cartier with magical charm of color and the wonderful artical excelling nature to achieve the unique art treasures.
Inheriting the Cartier glorious pride of tabulation history, assembling the superior design and the superb technology, the Classic wrist watch series constituted by senior wrist watch and limited work launched this time by Cartier, vividly set foot in Le Cirque Animalier DE Cartier watches series fantasy stage with powerful and unconstrained style: raccoons, crocodiles and eagle modelings make people fall into an instantaneous love; Cartier demonstrated the unremitting research of tabulation mechanical process and ambitions for the future again with its complicated movement that is completely and independently researched and developed by itself.
More feature of the Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier are as follows: 1 8 k rhodium plated platinum watchcase with round diamond; The cheetah’s head is refined with 18K Rhodium plated platinum with round diamonds; tourmaline eye matching with the black paint stripes; Silver paint sun radiation lines dial; Dark grey yarn strap, with 18 k Rhodium plated platinum adjustable folding watch buckle; quartz movement; Diamond weighing 2.79 carats.
Cartier magnificent watch is matching with the square with sunshine radiation lines watch dial, which is decorated with dense white diamond cheetah modeling, above whose face shining the tourmaline eye, black stripes and time display appears or hide because moving the upper cover. A jewelry watch can change into two styles, both rare and spectacular.
Or you can consider the Cartier Baignoire series, which owes perfect elliptical lines and elegant delicate and exquisite appearance to show the brand classic style to the young modern ladies, and is also the most gem curiosa with Paris color.

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