Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref.5175

In order to celebrate Patek Philippe 175 anniversary, Patek Philippe built a unprecedented watch in the world, to draw attention. Patek Philippe is a famous watch brand, and has built many complication watches, which thus become the most beautiful and most complicated watch in the world. This great feat cannot achieve without the help of Patek Philippe’s complication. Two of them were even carving a new field. In addition, Grandmaster Chime is the first one that no front side or back side, which means that both side can turn up: one for display time and self repeater ad another side is to shoe the simultaneous jumping calendar. Benefiting from the cute, reserve gadget, the flip-flop is easy to do.

Date Alarm
This is the first and exclusive patent, and derived from the president of Patek Philippe and his friend. With the born of grand chime, you can start the button and immediately trigger the date aperture. This announce come true. This function can strike the high pitch and low pitch to represents the tem numbers of a date. At the back side of the watch there is a special part that is applied to display perpetual calendar while the both sides of watch are applied to make this structure.

Local Time and Second Time Zone
The crown points at right hands, the dial display the local time, and will display the second time and its day/night shift. This dial also has movement, and minute repeater that got energy indicator on it, winding crown display, repeater mode, and the statues of alarm clock. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime only make 7 in the world, to celebrate its 175 anniversary. Among 7 Grandmaster Chime, 6 of them will sold to Patek Philippe die-hard collectors, while the seven will be displayed in the museum of Patek Philippe.

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