Rolex CERACHROM Outer Ring

Abrasionproof, eternal color and luster and easy time reading

The outer ring is the most vulnerable part to suffer the impact, scratch damage, corrosion and other external damage. In order to ensure the strong reliability and persistence of wrist watch, rolex developed the patent Cerachrom word circle, which is used for some oyster type series professional wrist watches, even in the most demanding environments it can guarantee well-presented and like new, and the function can normally operate.

From words bezel to the whole outer bezel

Cerachrom words bezel came out in 2005, when it was used in GMT-Master II wrist watch; Now, this kind of ceramic words ring can also be seen in the yacht Master II (18 ct gold, everrose and 904 l stainless steel), professional diving watches Rolex Submariner, Submariner calendar, sea Dweller 4000 and Rolex Deepsea wrist watch, depending on the model, ceramic outer ring can be black, blue or green.

In 2011, the rolex expanded the application range of the proprietary technology, in the 18 ct eternal rose gold Daytona wrist watch applied with a new Cerachrom integral outer ring and the outer ring can also be seen in 2005, the branded new platinum Daytona watch to commemorate the Daytona series’s 50th anniversary. The outer ring is not only very hard against the loss, more exquisite, in addition to hold the crystal mirror completely, thereby further ensures the wrist watch waterproof, and makes the speedometer calibration be clear at a glance.

In 2013, the rolex launched the world’s first integrated two-color Cerachrom word circle, and assembly in the 904 l stainless steel watches that were launched at that time, and in 2014, the rolex further displayed technology and aesthetics of extraordinary strength, on the 18 ct white and yellow gold watch equipped with red and blue two-color Cerachrom word circle, the design was echoing with the classic aesthetics elements of the first GMT-Master watch.

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