Shaping Time-A Brief Intro to Cartier Novelties

Recently, the whole watch circle is immersed in great joy and excitement, as the Watches & Wonders is held in Hong Kong. As a great fair, many famous brands reserve some novelties for this exhibition, even though many new products were released on SIHH. Among those great brands, one is Cartier.

Due to the floppy luxury market in China, news goes around the street that Cartier will reduce its production to save this doom market. In this fair, Cartier launched 18 novelties and two new movements. At the beginning of this year, Cartier launched many high-end complicated watches with great promotions, and ads, including watches with tourbillon perpetual calendar, tourbillon moon phase and the first diver watches. That is enough to indicate that Cartier is marching into high-end watches.

Although Cartier released many new watches in the Asian exhibition, it mainly focuses on two new movements: the 9617 MC and 1904 FU MC. Skeleton structures is applied to the former one and in order to combining the Chinese culture, movement plate is carved into a dragon shape and is adorned with diamonds and jewelry, seeming like a jewelry watch. Actually, this dragon shape is not only for the beauty, it is also a part of movement. Since the dragon is a part of the movement, then designers have to take stability and how to places those supporters into consideration. Therefore, it comes harder than other watches.

In addition, there are two interesting editions in this year’s novelties: the Tank series. It has chronograph on it. besides, as the great art of Cartier’s jewelry watches, it has another 5 jewelry watches. So in total, in this W&W, there are 70 novelties – which is an amazing quantity for Cartier Brand. One more thing, if you are interested in any one of the Cartier watches in W&W, just get yours right now!

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