Cartier Ballon Bleu W6920077

When other designers and consumers were speculating what shapes Cartier was going to take in its new series, Cartier designers took us by surprises by turning focus into battlefield and took tank as background. That’s how Cartier Tank came. In this evergreen series, it has an almost square shape that

Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier

Cartier launched a new high-end jewelry watches series, which followed Cartier consistent extraordinary excellence, wonderful artical excelling nature and fine peerless technology to deduce the mystery and the fashionable breath of bright. Cartier with magical charm of color and the wonderful artical excelling nature to achieve the unique art treasures.Inheriting

Shaping Time-A Brief Intro to Cartier Novelties

Recently, the whole watch circle is immersed in great joy and excitement, as the Watches & Wonders is held in Hong Kong. As a great fair, many famous brands reserve some novelties for this exhibition, even though many new products were released on SIHH. Among those great brands, one is

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