Seal Kigurumi Onesie Unisex Flannel Pajamas

 The seal has a spindle Рshaped round body. The whole body is covered with short hair, the back is blue-gray, the abdomen is milky yellow, with blue-black spots. Head nearly round, eyes large and round, no external pinna, snout short and wide, upper lip antennae long and thick hard, a rosary. Extremities with 5 toes, webbed between the toes, form flippers, with sharp claws. The hind fins are large, extending backward, and the tail is short and flat. The slightly awkward looking seals are eagerly sought after for their contrasting cuteness. Seal onesies are grey and made of flannel, making them comfortable to the touch and easy to sleep in.The onesie pajamas also come with seal slippers with the same paw for a great winter protection.

Link https://www.qualityonesie.com/

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